Finance Monthly - Insurance Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Insurance Awards 2022 USA 28 About Mainstreet Solutions LLC Mainstreet Solutions LLC, located in South Florida since 1993, is a award winning boutique styled agency primarily concerned with providing insurance strategies to specific client needs by offering money saving health and life insurance solutions for individuals and businesses. South Florida Business Journal, a well known, time honored national business to business publication in the USA selected the boutique/specialty insurance agency Mainstreet Solutions LLC, in the top 12 Florida insurance agencies for 2021. “Mainstreet Solutions is proud to receive the great rating and recognition for a uniquely successful business model! Of course, the long term patronage from many of our clients is fundamental to our success and we thank them!”, comments CEO Scott Rose. Since 1993, new and current clients are always greeted with “How can we help you? Next we proceed to listen carefully to the issues, concerns, and feelings the client expresses. We follow with exploratory questions in order to more fully understand their history and current situation. Then we begin devising a strategic plan by taking in many complex tax saving or tax credit factors in order to engage towards a practical and often money saving solution to their needs. In a trustworthy manner, we always look for product solutions that the client is willing to buy. We never suggest over extending the client’s buying power in order to achieve results. We do not charge service fees at any time for any of our past, current or future assistance. All meetings and transacted business is conducted under strict privacy guidelines. Many of our clients are individuals and families that are originally from other countries arriving in Florida to live and work. Usually they hear about us from other professionals or friends. We have international certifications and hold licensing agreements with international insurers since 1996, making us a suitable choice to assist expats in Florida. 21st century technology continues to introduce newer and newer platforms to conduct international and domestic insurance transactions in a quick and efficient manner. It is a priority for us to maintain up to date capabilities, as well as utilizing appropriate privacy standards and regular security upgrades, too. Enlightening and educating our clients to the mechanics of their policies as well as the Health and Life landscape has always been our unique specialty. We clearly recognize the attention span of our clients at any given point in time and seek to patiently provide only the duration of training the client can easily absorb at a meeting or on the phone. Individuals’ short term memory usually cannot recall many elements of a conversation a week later. Instead, we seek for customers to gain an understanding at their convenience over a period of time of the tools and key elements of the strategies used to achieve sometimes dramatic insurance results. “Mainstreet Solutions is proud to receive the great rating and recognition for a uniquely successful business model! ”

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