Finance Monthly - Insurance Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Insurance Awards 2022 USA 29 About Scott Rose Mr. Scott Rose began his career in 1982 teaching Fine Arts until he was selected in 1988 by The WHITE HOUSE as a Florida Representative to the Office of Public Liaison for President George Bush’s term in office. Afterward Scott created a successful business model for a boutique/specialty insurance agency in 1992 and named it Mainstreet Solutions LLC. Scott continues today as CEO of the firm. Scott also provided volunteer work from 2004 to 2014 as President of “Life Care Foundation for Disabilities”, a non-profit charity. Scott’s Doctoral thesis on Learning Theory received a prestigious award from “The Carniegie Project on Education Doctorate” in 2016. Scott holds a Doctorate in Education; a MBA, a Masters in Non-Profit; and two undergraduate degrees in the Fine Arts. He’s a vegetarian with expertise in nutrition and yoga meditation for over 40 years. He has two lovely daughters, both with successful careers, one in the Fine Arts, and one in Nonprofit. Mainstreet Solutions LLC Mainstreet S O L U T I O N S L L C

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