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For the last 10 years as a regional Latin America business leader, I have spent much of my time on an airplane. Every week I packed a suitcase and visited a city, mainly due to my regional role in Latin America and global role across Asia and Europe. Until one day when I stepped off a plane: this was the day a series of challenges began to arise, which formed ‘the perfect storm.’ In the last year and a half, not only did we go through a pandemic, but with the beginning of lockdown, Willis Towers Watson announced a pending merger. At that time, with the news of an unknown and dangerous disease combined with a possible merger transaction, all our colleagues went home and began to work in a format most of us were not accustomed to. It was then the question arose: are we prepared to manage a situation of total uncertainty regarding the future? Remarkably, everything we learned and executed in past years like structuring teams and processes, discipline in management, and sales processes, then subsequently implementing them in a sophisticated way had actually prepared us for a situation akin to the one we faced. When the pandemic struck, we were shown that all the work we’ve done over the years will allow us to navigate these troubled waters in a very positive and productive way, making 2020 one of the best years for Willis Towers Watson in Latin America. Teamwork, combined with an incredible level of resilience, made this all possible. In fact, it was a clear indicator that the work we performed for years with the vision of being the best and generating a strong value proposition for clients, were critical to this result, and 2021 has been no different. The instability of the economies in Latin America has been constant, with great challenges, complex decisions, and insufficient handling of the pandemic. We continue to grow, serving our customers better than ever, generating results for our shareholders well above expectations, a sign of the quality of the company. Now we are entering a new stage in a much more normal world, however, we’re much stronger, better prepared, mature, and aware of who we are and what we can offer, which makes me extremely proud. The global situation due to the pandemic allowed us to break with many paradigms, one of them that we, “Latinos”, deem interpersonal, face-to-face contact with colleagues and clients extraordinarily important. Today, we have proven that the new way works, thanks to the technology we have, as well as the clarity of our processes and the attention that we, as a company, place on the health and well- being of our people. We function efficiently and always look forward to providing best- in-class service for our clients. One of the many lessons we’ve learned during this pandemic is concerned with those who live in big cities. In pre-pandemic times, we were able to visit up to three clients in one day. However, today, we can achieve up to six or seven meetings, get the participation of all necessary people no matter where they are located and have virtual roadshows. Another important lesson of this past year and a half centres on the importance of looking forward, adapting, and We hear from Luis Maurette, Managing Director of Willis Towers Watson Latin America & Global Head of Sales & Client Management department. Maurette was born in Argentina and has lived abroad across Latin America for over 30 years. Finance Monthly. La t i n Ame r i ca 7

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