Finance Monthly - Insurance Awards 2022

About Pete McPartland Pete McPartland has been the CEO of Sentry since early 2012, having joined the company as president and chief operating officer in 2010. His emphasis has included creating growth strategies for Sentry, as well as enhancing and maintaining the strength and vitality of the company’s businesses—and maintaining our outstanding financial position. Pete brings a strong background in the operational aspects of the insurance industry. About Sentry Insurance Back in 1904, members of the Wisconsin Retail Hardware Association gave us our start when they formed their own mutual insurance company. We’ve grown far beyond Wisconsin and the hardware industry in the years since. But we’ve always retained our core values as a mutual company. We’ve never forgotten our Midwest roots, either. Our true strength comes from our dedication to personalized care—something we’ve provided since our inception. We grew by leveraging knowledge in one market to branch out into similar industries. We work hard to understand our customers’ businesses—and their industries inside and out, and we work hard to get to know each individual policyholder well. Our current mix of customers is a testament to our broad knowledge. And we put that knowledge into practical use to serve you better. If you’re like us, you don’t want to do business with a faceless institution. You want to know what motivates the people who move a business. You want to know who we are, and what we’re all about. We get that, because it’s how we do business too. Why? Because it helps us provide the best possible insurance solutions. Tel: 1 800 473 6879 Finance Monthly Insurance Awards 2022 USA 63

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