Finance Monthly - Insurance Awards 2023

Finance Monthly Insurance Awards 2023 Germany 31 About Ulrich Leitermann Ulrich Leitermann, born in Offenburg in 1959, studied business administration in Mannheim after completing an apprenticeship as a banker. He supplemented his business degree with exams as a tax advisor and auditor. In 1997 he joined Dortmunder SIGNAL Versicherungen and headed the finance department as a board member. Since July 2013, Ulrich Leitermann has been CEO of the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, Dortmund and Hamburg, which was founded in 1999. About SIGNAL IDUNA SIGNAL IDUNA is an insurance company that has always focused directly on the needs of its customers - with communication at eye level and from person to person. In this way, we have been able to gain the experience that allows us to continually develop and improve our range of services. The original idea of the founders - “Security through self-help” - is more relevant than ever and distinguishes SIGNAL IDUNA as a partnership-based advisor with firstclass service and individual, future-oriented insurance. With shrinking statutory pensions, increasing natural disasters and other factors that play a role in everyday safety, there is no longer any way around taking responsibility for your own provision through private insurance. And this is exactly where SIGNAL IDUNA is ideally positioned on the market with its wide range of insurance services and financial offerings. LIFE INSURANCE PROVIDER OF THE YEAR SIGNAL IDUNA Group Chairman and CEO Ulrich Leitermann Contact

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