Finance Monthly - Insurance Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Insurance Awards 2022 Mexico 25 I started my career working for an insurance company. A few years later, I broke into the international market, leading positions across Latin America including Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil. Still, I was curious about furthering my portfolio to include sales and distribution. The stars aligned when Joe Plumeri, CEO and Chairman of Willis at the time, asked me to lead the region. The transition from carrier to broker was easy for me, and a few things made that possible: my personality, my mother, and the Latin American culture. I’ve always been a people person. I pay attention to people’s needs and the cultural differences between countries and their respective peoples. Along with good communication, understanding cultures and markets is critical for developing business. My mother taught me to bring out the best in people and because of that, I was always able to work with a range of personalities, picking out their best talents to add unique value to each project. I don’t have a onesize-fits-all leadership style and this has helped me tremendously as a leader. Latin America also presents a unique opportunity for the business. Latinos are passionate and emotional people who love music and conversations and openly express our opinions. As a leader, it was important to keep that culture going. Allowing my teams to have an open dialogue helped me succeed. My son – a music composer – recently shared one of his pieces with me and one day I’ll be able to share it with a future generation. It’s interesting to think that something we create can constantly evolve and transform. What I take away today, after many fantastic years at WTW, is the feeling of having created, built, and transformed. Seeing what we have accomplished as WTW Latin America gives me great comfort as I close this chapter. A lot of individuals that I’ve worked with still have a long career ahead. I only hope that what we built together will serve them well and allow them to continue growing – both professionally and personally. A company is a company but the impact we have on other people is to me, the most gratifying. I’m still thinking “what’s next for Luis?”. While I still want to remain plugged into what’s happening in the market, my wife would like me to maintain some balance. We’ll see what’s next. For now, I take comfort in knowing the industry is in great hands with a new generation of professionals entering the market: open-minded individuals with a vision for the future. I look forward to seeing what the next generation does. I’ll see you all around. “I take comfort in knowing the industry is in great hands with a new generation of professionals entering the market.” WTW Latin America

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