Finance Monthly Insurance Awards

15 Finance Monthly. USA Brad has helped numerous business owners and executives deeply understand their financial situation and to then change their situation to maximize their success and control in the future. He is a Certified Private Wealth Advisor and has also served on multiple non- profit boards in various roles. Brad holds a degree in Risk Management from Missouri State University. Firm Profile We believe the financial services industry has placed too much emphasis on the accumulation phase of the financial lifecycle with little regard to the planning and distribution phase. We challenge the industry status quo by focusing on what you keep so you can take control of your financial future. We Make Financial Planning Stress-Free! When it comes to investing, we all have one goal in common – to have accumulated enough wealth to enjoy financial freedom and live the life you want to live. However, with conventional financial planning, it’s like flying into a strong head wind when you consider uncontrollable factors like income tax rates, contribution limits and distribution restrictions. That’s why, at Prevail, we untether ourselves from convention. We turn traditional wealth management on its head by surrounding each client with a financial board of directors who work as a team to help create, grow and preserve our clients’ total wealth. Because we think it’s time for better wealth management. It’s time for our clients to prevail. We Don’t Just Offer the Financial Services You Need, We Integrate Them

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