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12 Finance Monthly. USA How would you describe yourself? I’m proud to say I was recently voted (by my daughter) to the illustrious title of “World’s Most Embarrassing Dad!” So that’s my full-time gig, but I also masquerade as the Founder of my firm, The Haney Company, advising our clients on how to achieve financial freedom. I think my role is fairly straightforward - build our brand and develop the right relationships so we can help as many clients as possible. My market development responsibilities have me running a podcast, writing 1-2 articles a month for a variety of industry publications such as Associations NOW, Insurancenewsnet, Advisor Today, Adviser Perspectives, andKiplinger tonamea few. I am also a professional speaker, speaking over a dozen times a year to a variety of audiences, and also launched a Brand Development and Coaching consultancy within our firm to help financial professionals develop a brand and stand out in the digital marketplace. I not only want our practice to thrive, but I also want my industry to thrive because removing financial barriers is better for everyone! When it comes to my “job,” I consider myself very fortunate to view it as a calling, not just a profession. I deeply care for all my clients beyond what I do for them professionally. It’s such a blessing to feel like work isn’t “work,” and I’m doubly fortunate to work every day with people I deeply respect. I know that not all family businesses are great, especially when the family dynamic breaks down. We are fortunate that we not only love and care for one another, but we like each other too! Tell us about The Haney Company’s mission and goals? It might surprise you to know that the most important business lessons I learned were taught to me when I was 8 years old working with my father as a paperboy. Delivering newspapers 365 days a year to 72 houses at 5 am each day, wasn’t exactly every young boy’s dream. Beyond the meagre amount of income it provided me, those 11 years were some of the most formative moments of my life. The most significant lesson I learned was when my dad told me, “If you’re going to do anything, do it with excellence.” This has been our business mantra ever since. So, fast forward to our family business today: our team has embraced several core values that guide everything we do: • Family – Those we care for most • Equity - Diversity and inclusion • Education – Financial empowerment • Social justice - Addressing poverty & economic inequality • Green living – Caring for our culture and our planet We all strive to live life on purpose andmission. Whether an Association driven by mission, a business hoping to be sold one day, or a family eager to send kids off to college and retire to the beach together, our finances should be a means to that end, never a stumbling block. With so much information out there, much of it conflicting, it can be hard to navigate a way forward with confidence. We want to cut through the noise and help you interpret that information so you can apply it properly to your situation. Good financial advice can be the key to achieving your mission and life goals. One of

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